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World War I

World War I
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Clockwise from top: Trenches on the Western Front; a BritishMark IV Tank crossing a trench; Royal Navy battleship HMSIrresistible sinking after striking a mine at the Battle of the Dardanelles; a Vickers machine gun crew with gas masks, and German Albatros D.III biplanes
Date28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918 (Armistice)
Treaty of Versailles signed 28 June 1919
LocationEurope, Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific Islands, China and off the coast of South and North America
ResultAllied victory
  • End of the German, Russian, Ottoman, and Austro-Hungarian empires
  • Formation of new countries in Europe and the Middle East
  • Transfer of German colonies andregions of the former Ottoman Empire to other powers
  • Establishment of the League of Nations. 
Allied (Entente) Powers
France France
 British Empire
 Russia (1914–17)
 United States (1917–18)
 Italy (1915–18)
 Romania (1916–18)
 Greece (1917–18)
Portugal Portugal (1916–18)
 Montenegro (1914–16)
Brazil Brazil (1917-18)
and others
Central Powers
 Ottoman Empire
 Bulgaria (1915–18)
Commanders and leaders
Leaders and commanders
France Raymond Poincaré
France Georges Clemenceau
France Ferdinand Foch
British Empire H. H. Asquith
British Empire David Lloyd George
British Empire Douglas Haig
Russian Empire Nicholas II
Russian Empire Nicholas Nikolaevich
United States Woodrow Wilson
United States John J. Pershing
Kingdom of Italy (1861–1946) Victor Emmanuel III
Kingdom of Italy (1861–1946) Antonio Salandra
Kingdom of Italy (1861–1946) Vittorio Orlando
Romania Ferdinand I
and others
Leaders and commanders
German Empire Wilhelm II
German Empire Paul von Hindenburg
German Empire Erich Ludendorff
Austria–Hungary Franz Joseph I
Austria–Hungary Karl I
Austria–Hungary Conrad von Hötzendorf
Ottoman Empire Mehmed V
Ottoman Empire İsmail Enver
Ottoman Empire Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
Kingdom of Bulgaria Ferdinand I
Kingdom of Bulgaria Nikola Zhekov
and others
Russian Empire 12,000,000
British Empire 8,841,541
France 8,660,000
Kingdom of Italy (1861–1946) 5,093,140
United States 4,743,826
Kingdom of Romania 1,234,000
Empire of Japan 800,000
Kingdom of Serbia 707,343
Belgium 380,000
Kingdom of Greece 250,000
Portugal 200,000
Kingdom of Montenegro 50,000
Total: 42,959,850
Central Powers
German Empire 13,250,000
Austria–Hungary 7,800,000
Ottoman Empire 2,998,321
Kingdom of Bulgaria 1,200,000
Total: 25,248,321
Casualties and losses
Military dead:
Military wounded:
Military missing:
22,477,500 KIA, WIA or MIA
Military dead:
Military wounded:
Military missing:
16,403,000 KIA, WIA or MIA.

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